Mobile Offices and Ablutions

In times of crisis or disaster, Speedspace can be relied upon to act swiftly and with purpose to support the space management solution requirements of those affected.

One of our customers based in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal made contact at lunchtime on Wednesday, 13 April, informing us of the damage experienced to their plant in the past couple of days resulting from the severe storms and flooding in the area. 

Our customer is considered a “National Key Point” in South Africa, producing fuel and supplying fuel to the country. Any downtime that they experience will have a detrimental impact on fuel shortages across the country. 

As a result, Speedspace had to apply for special permits from the Department of Roads to transport mobile offices and ablutions during the Easter period to assist our client to safeguard their operations and avoid downtime on their plant.

Speedspace managed to secure the required permissions while readying the respective mobile rental parkhomes necessary to support our client’s needs, and these are all despatched on Thursday morning (14 April) to Durban.

This kind of swift action and the ability to deliver world-class space management products across the country at speed is a first-hand example of Speedspace’s ability, willingness and determination to¬†respond effectively in a crisis or disaster.

This is yet another reason why our clients know they can rely on us whenever, wherever.