Mobile Office Solutions

Our mobile office solutions are the epitome of design flexibility and versatility, making the space management solution possibilities through Speedspace virtually endless. 

When people think about collapsible products that are easily moved to wherever they need to be erected, they often picture a small structure rather than expansive and spacious buildings, but as these images illustrate, that is a misconception. 

The vast expertise and experience of our designers and the versatility and open plan layout of our units allow for flexibility in design, with a wide range of options available to meet the specific requirements of your building, regardless of the size or space considerations. 

In fact, we often design and create large buildings and complex structures requiring multiple levels or storeys with our high-quality products — translating to savings in time and cost. 

Simple to transport and setup, our solutions can even be deployed to remote locations with ease, making Speedspace the space management solution experts for all building types and requirements.