Mobile Kitchens, Coffee Shops and Office Canteens

mobile kitchen

Mobile kitchens, pop-up coffee shops and office canteens are all the rage, thanks to the mobile nature and cost-effectiveness of Speedspace’s modular container solutions. 

These innovative space management solutions can be fully customised to include all of the elements required. 

Whether you need windows, heating, plumbing and electrical for an office canteen or mobile ablutions, or counter space and kitchen equipment for a pop-up coffee shop or mobile kitchen, Speedspace will deliver the solution you desire. 

As the popularity of converted containers as pop-up retail establishments or remote mobile kitchens continues to increase, so does the value and profit made from their use.

The great thing about these structures is that they can easily be moved to any location, making use of available space and allowing you to secure your structure anywhere you wish, even in remote locations, without needing to construct it on site. 

Benefit from the latest trends in space management solutions and rent or purchase a fully customised modular building from the experts at Speedspace.