Mobile Isolation Units

Mobile Isolation Units

Deemed an essential service provider early in the COVID-19 crisis, Speedspace has been working hard and with purpose to support the efforts of government and private enterprise in combating the coronavirus pandemic.

One of the many ways we have been doing this is by producing bespoke medical modular buildings such as the mobile isolation units in these images and design plans.

Built for comfort and functionality, considering the need for people to self-isolate or quarantine in order to stop the spread of the virus, these structures allow for responsible and potentially life-saving self-isolation.

Available for rental or sale, our ablution, accommodation with en-suite ablution and four-room isolation units have been popular in the last few months.

These modular transpack cabins are ideally suited for isolation or quarantine applications. Constructed to ensure easy cleaning and high levels of hygiene, they can be effectively reused as disinfecting the entire building is done with ease.

Designed and built to exact client specifications, elements such as ablution facilities, storage space and other furnishings can be added to the design seamlessly.