Mobile Ablution

Speedspace’s mobile ablution or bathroom facilities are clean, functional, cost-effective and easily transported to any venue or site, and used immediately thereafter.

Available for sale or hire, the units can be transported to even the most remote of locations or designed to fit specifically into areas with little space such as suburban or urban settings.

These mobile ablution facilities can come complete with toilets, washing basins, showers and changing areas if required.

Speedspace was recently contacted by Grit Cycling Studio, based at The Village Medical Center in Parkhurst, Johannesburg, to assist with mobile ablution facilities for the cyclists training at their studio. 

Access to the area where the 6m WC and shower facility needed to be was very restricted. Despite this challenge, Speedspace managed to place the parkhome into position without too much hassle, illustrating our unique ability to offer a quality finished solution in built-up suburban areas with restricted access. 

The rental ablution will allow Grit Cycling Studio to provide their customers with all of the amenities offered by some of the more established studios in the area.

Choose Speedspace for long or short-term, affordable, practical and efficient on-site space management solutions, including high-quality on-site ablution facilities.