Medical Modular Building

medical modular building

Speedspace is trusted to design, manufacture and deliver space management solutions for those operating in the medical field, as our company is capable of adhering to the strictest requirements upon which the medical industry relies. 

We have been involved in providing space management solutions for the medical industry across Southern Africa, including a fully functional dialysis clinic, doctors rooms, isolation and testing units, and mobile clinics operating in remote areas.

A recent example involved our Zambian subsidiary, Ufudu Zambia. We produced a unit for Bayer Zambia, the Zambian subsidiary of Bayer AG, one of the largest chemical and pharmaceutical companies in the world. The unit is being used as the company’s Quality Laboratory in Lusaka. 

The building size is 60sqm and it has been built to very high medical laboratory specifications. We removed internal structure posts to enable the necessary space to accommodate Bayer’s specialised lab equipment. The high-tech laboratory, complete with the necessary hardware and software, is capable of performing a variety of quality tests in a safe, secure and clean environment built to comfortably accommodate the Bayer technical staff who operate the lab.


We are proud to use our expertise to support the space management solution requirements of medical companies operating in Africa.