Kolomela Kapstevel South project in the Northern Cape

Kolomela Kapstevel South project in the Northern-Cape

At Speedspace, we understand that the ability to deliver exceptional quality service, products and workmanship on a consistent basis has a great deal to do with the quality of the people executing the work, as well as their focus and absolute dedication to safe operation. 

This is a cornerstone of the work we do on all projects. An example that illustrates this well is a long-term project in the Northern Cape that we have been working on for the last year. 

Speedspace is entering the 12th and final month of our contract on the expansion project of the Kolomela Kapstevel South project in the Northern Cape. With the project coming to an end, we are proud of our project team who have consistently achieved the desired milestones and objectives across the board. 

We are particularly delighted with the fact that during the past 11 months, our on-site team have achieved some remarkable health and safety stats. We have had no injuries whatsoever and we have received HSE awards for our excellent safety standards as a company, as well as individual safety awards and acknowledgements for the reliable and hard-working people that make up our Speedspace team on the ground in the Northern Cape. 

We were also honoured to have hosted the customer’s Exco team as a result of our high standards of safety during their recent site visit.

We are pleased that our teams have been recognised due to their dedication to excellence, reliability, quality and the highest standards of workmanship and safety, and we commit to prioritising safety on each project going forward.