Double-Wide Parkhome Mobile Office

At Speedspace, we understand that the requirements of our clients should be analysed holistically to include all considerations, from the actual building requirements to the timeframe in which a project must be completed and the client’s available budget. 

We go to great lengths to ensure that affordability is at the core of our offering, and we cater our solutions around what our clients can realistically afford, providing quality and handling all of the important requirements in the most cost-effective manner. 

A few years ago, Speedspace was contacted by North Rand Animal Clinic in Kyalami, one of South Africa’s top Equine Veterinary Clinics in order to provide solutions to accommodate their growing staff. 

As we do with each client we encounter, we considered their budgets and the space available, as well as their specific requirements, and we designed a double-wide parkhome mobile office to meet their demands and provide the right solution for their needs. 

Now, many years later, the North Rand Animal Clinic office is well established and the facility continues to expand. As such, Speedspace was once again contacted to assist with the clinic’s continued expansion plans. 

Due to a limited budget, we are providing a single wide 9m refurbished parkhome office with a kitchen and WC facility that will provide comfortable office space for the new veterinary professionals to work in and support the needs of the many animals they care for. 

In this way, as a single example among many others, we have not seen a limited budget as a hindrance, but rather an opportunity to continue our trend of providing space management solution excellence regardless of the factors at play within a particular project. 

Speedspace Delivers Regardless Of The Circumstances.