Double-storey Container Building

Double-storey Container Building

Both private and public entities trust Speedspace to deliver excellence on a variety of projects and requirements, and we have seen a steady increase in government or state-owned organisations entrusting their project requirements to us.

In December, Speedspace’s Zambian subsidiary, Ufudu Zambia was involved in constructing a double-storey Archives building for the Public Service Micro Finance Company, owned by the Zambian government, which is mandated to provide affordable loans and other innovative financial solutions to public service workers across the country.

Located along Zambezi Road in Roma, Lusaka, two 6-metre converted containers were used in the construction of the double-storey Archives unit, which was painted charcoal grey to suit the client’s main office building colours.

Along with the external aesthetic considerations, specific efforts were made to design an internal environment that was convenient, safe and functional for those working in and visiting the building, as well as its intended purpose.

Access to the ground floor container was made possible through a double-door entrance while the first floor is accessed through an installed door via an external staircase.

An Aluminium tread plate was used for the flooring, while the unit was built to include a total of 22 shelves — 10 on the ground floor and 12 on the first floor. We also added 4Ft vapour-proof lights (two per container) including wiring and a suitable DB board to provide sufficient lighting. 

To ensure an optimal flow of fresh air throughout the building, we installed two types of ventilation to ensure extensive air-flow and comfort. Two whirlybirds were built into the roof and five louvres were mounted on the side-walls of the container. The second container had six louvres installed on the side-walls.

With this project, Speedspace have delivered yet another successful project for a government entity, and we continue to make our world-class products and services available to private and public enterprise across Africa.