Cost-effective accommodation solutions

mobile space management

When multi-national mining companies need to set up facilities in remote areas, Speedspace is often contacted to consult and advise on cost-effective accommodation solutions, either for offices and associated facilities or sleeping and housing applications. 

Mining companies often operate in remote areas where facilities such as offices, housing, and accommodation for workers are in short supply. The influx of contractors to these areas often creates a demand for temporary and semi-permanent accommodation rather than fixed structures that are expensive and impractical.

Speedspace’s mobile space management solutions are versatile, functional, cost-effective and easily transported to any venue or site regardless of how remote it might be.

We were recently approached by an international mining group to assist with their facility requirements in a small town only 200km from the west coast of South Africa.

Our offering totalled more than 3500sqm in modular building solutions comprises of air-conditioned and insulated parkhome offices, ablutions and changes houses, as well as 2800sqm of parkhome residential units complete with furniture and all amenities to ensure the mining firm’s employees have a comfortable home away from home on-site.

Due to the pressing need to mobilise the solution within a short space of time, Speedspace offered refurbished pre-owned offices, as seen in these images, to ensure the client can operate effectively and focus on their core business while making sure that we establish the offices in time.

During the next two months, we will update the progress of this particular project and share some pictures of this exciting solution.

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