Converted Container

Speedspace’s extensive expertise, innovative design capabilities and range of services in the space management solution space extend to neighbouring countries in the African region, with clients in other southern and central African countries, and international clients with local operations, often approaching our company to assist them with their requirements. 

One such example is a project we completed for Wingcopter, a Germany-based client with operations in Malawi. Wingcopter is an aviation company operating both as a manufacturer of aviation-grade drone technology and as a service provider for a wide range of drone deployments. Wingcopter’s efforts in the region include the delivery of medical goods, parcels, food or spare parts, as well as mapping/surveying and inspection/monitoring solutions. 

For Malawi specifically, Wingcopter’s work is focused on improving access to medicines in the rural areas by establishing a regular and emergency drone delivery service in the rural district of Kasungu to replenish stock of essential medicines and other medical commodities in the area. 

With that in mind, Speedspace’s Zambia-based subsidiary was enlisted to build and deliver a 40′ HC converted container to Ntchisi in Malawi that they will be using as their “Wingbase” from which their drone pilots will launch, land and fly the drones necessary for the delivery of medicines such as antimalarials, maternal health products and antibiotics.

As can be seen in these images of the project, the converted container was fully kitted out with an office area, kitchen area, medicine storage area, battery charging area and a bathroom supplied with a 1000lt water tank.

The 5000mm sliding glass panels were designed to give the pilots maximum visibility when launching or landing their drones. The container was insulated and supplied with air conditioning capabilities to keep the inside of the building cool enough for medicine storage, enabling the drone delivery of medicines that depend on storage in a cool environment.