Container Conversions

Container Conversions

Speedspace is the right company for any project, regardless of scope or size!

From a single container conversion to massive projects involving many structures and impacting Africa’s most important industries such as mining, construction and manufacturing, we are able to deliver the same quality and excellence for all projects throughout Africa.

The images you see here are from projects in South Africa, Mozambique and Somalia, to name a few of the many African countries in which we successfully offer our world-class space management solutions.

Our clients have become used to partnering with us to ensure their success thanks to many decades of experience, the expertise to overcome challenges and the extensive resources necessary to consistently exceed expectations.

At the moment, we are in the final stages of producing what is possibly one of the biggest modular buildings of its kind in Southern Africa. You’ll see and hear more about that in the coming weeks.

Regardless of the size of your project, get Speedspace involved to guarantee success!