Container Conversions for COVID 19 Screening

container conversions

Speedspace was recently asked to convert a number of containers into high-quality COVID-19 screening units for a client.

With South Africa now in the third wave of COVID-19 infections, the client wanted to be able to screen people in a safe, secure and comfortable structure that could easily be moved to any remote area as required. 

Throughout the pandemic, Speedspace has been trusted to design, construct and deliver screening facilities across the country and region. These modular cabins can be converted to include any specific requirements and are applicable to any construction site, mine, office complex or other area where many people can be screened seamlessly as they enter a premises or area. 

The converted container can be painted or branded as needed, to suit the brand awareness and identification requirements of the client. 

With COVID-19 cases on the rise and the need for increased surveillance, the urgency of the project was obvious, and Speedspace was pleased to deliver on all of the client’s requirements in a timely manner.