Container Conversions

Speedspace has established itself as the market leader in container conversions, delivering exceptional, high-spec and specialised container conversions for clients in the petrochemical, mining, retail, defence and other industries across Africa.

In this example of a typical project, these converted 40′ shipping containers were insulated and fitted with electrical reticulation to be used as individual offices on-site, as well as for a staff meeting room. 

Shipping containers offer a great deal of versatility when it comes to conversion options, as evidenced by this particular project. The three 40′ containers were successfully converted to create a larger open-plan facility on-site when joined together. 

Our customer in this instance preferred converted shipping containers to modular parkhomes due to the fact that these can be handled on-site with mobile cranes and offer a more robust solution for the particular area of use. 

Despite the more robust exterior required by the specifications, our internal finishes ensured a comfortable and professional look and feel for the customer and those enjoying the new facilities.

When our clients require short-term solutions to their space management challenges, we offer unique rental options to cater to their specific needs. They may also choose to purchase the converted containers cost-effectively – ensuring value for money and positive outcomes. 

If you are interested in a container conversion or would like to discuss your requirements, get in touch with us and our experts will suggest the best option and custom-convert a container solution to meet your needs.