Container Conversion

container conversion

We work together with our clients to make sure that we exceed their expectations and create excellence with every space management solution that we are involved in. 

This particular container conversion project was manufactured specifically for a military application, showing the versatility of our offering and the trust that clients have in our ability to design, test and deliver quality solutions. 

This Flammable Storage Container was designed based on the specific requirements and design elements as supplied by our customer. 

This container conversion showcases the ability of Speedspace to offer high-spec solutions and factory acceptance testing where necessary. In this particular example, our factory acceptance testing on behalf of the customer saw Speedspace start a fire inside the container to successfully test the fire suppression installation. All went well and we are confident that our client is pleased with the demonstration. 

All the loose items were supplied by the customer in close consultation with Speedspace in order to ensure exact fitment and positioning in the design and final construction of the unit. This container is the prototype and will now be tested in an environment where it will be deployed, before it is approved. Once it is approved, Speedspace will manufacture the remaining 28 units.