Container Conversion project in Zambia

Container Conversion project in Zambia

Many companies claim to be able to offer “bespoke” solutions without truly having the ability to cater to the exact specifications that the client brings to them, instead offering the template that appears to be closest to what they are after.

At Speedspace, we know that is simply not good enough, which is why when we say that we cater to the bespoke requirements of our clients, we mean it!

Our Zambian subsidiary, Ufudu Zambia recently completed a container conversion project for the Zambia Civil Aviation Authority in Lusaka, Zambia.

The highly-respected aviation regulator in the country approached us with a set of requirements that included the need for the space management solution to be a water-tight, secure, “off the Grid” storage facility, and for it to be delivered in less than two weeks.

As usual, all of those specifications and expectations were met and we delivered the solution in the timeframe required, converting a 12m High Cube Container into an Archive/Filing container which included the following:

  • Whirley Birds on the roof & Louvres in the side walls for adequate Ventilation without compromising the protection that containers offer against the elements.
  • Aluminium checkered plate flooring for a rigid and robust floor surface.
  • Open braced bolted steel shelving.
  • The container runs completely off of solar power which was procured and installed by our Ufudu Zambia Team
  • The container was also Wire Brushed, primed & Painted inside & Out as per the clients specs.

The area where the container needed to be delivered was extremely tricky with a 2m high wall and roughly 18m between where the crane was standing and where the container needed to stand, but we used our expertise and decades of invaluable experience to make that just another of the many challenges we have easily overcome on behalf of our clients.