Cape Town Office Launch

Speedspace’s mission has always been to bring our products and services closer to the people who need them, enabling us to provide space management solutions seamlessly with local expertise, aligning our solutions with the goals of our customers.

In keeping with this mission and making sure that our customers across the length and breadth of the country have easy access to our products and services, we are proud to have launched an office in Cape Town.

This means that we now have an extensive footprint across South Africa, with offices in Gauteng, the Eastern Cape, the Northern Cape and now the Western Cape.

Thanks to this new office, we enjoy a better footprint nationally, expanding our branch network to cover an area that has generated good business for us in recent years.

We are getting stock shipped into the area while using local suppliers in the Western Cape to fulfil our orders, ensuring that we support the local Western Cape economy and providing our extensive product offering to people, businesses and organisations in the region.

The attached images illustrate a selection of projects undertaken in the Eastern and Northern Cape, with many more to come in the Western Cape.