Another Speedspace success story.

prefabricated modular

In this featured Speedspace project, the client’s project team (although employed by the same company) oversees new projects and developments on a mine. They are therefore based on a site specifically allocated to a team of project managers, along with support staff and various engineers, and must therefore have their own facilities separate from the mine’s staff. 

As they are project-focused, they often welcome head office employees and senior managers to their remote location. This became a challenge as they still wanted to ensure quality accommodation and facilities for those visiting and using the site, even if the accommodation is modular by nature. 

Comfortable and well-maintained ablutions form a key part of this equation, and our modular prefabricated cabins suited this specific brief perfectly. Superior insulation and the ability to affix high-end quality fittings meant that Speedspace could deliver the ideal solution to offer executive ablutions for the client, even on a distant and remote site. One look at these images makes clear how upscale and high-quality these bathrooms are. 

In addition to the fact that this perfectly-suited solution was possible and constructed exactly where it needed to be, the speed at which we were able to deliver the solution (from concept, to design, to execution and sign-off all in only three months) was another plus for the client. 

This is yet another Speedspace success story proving that prefabricated modular solutions can be configured and customised to any application efficiently while still offering comfort and superior quality.