Affordable, mobile, easy-to-use and robust steel containers

container conversion

Speedspace has a reputation for its ability to supply and support a comprehensive range of affordable, mobile, easy-to-use and robust steel containers. 

As container conversion experts with many decades of success in this industry, our clients know that they can count on our expertise to deliver a comprehensive solution that ticks all of the boxes in terms of quality, cost and overall satisfaction.

The quality of our container conversion work is unrivalled and the exceptional level of expertise within our teams means that we are able to offer high-quality conversion solutions for multiple industries and applications.

An example of this can be seen in these images, which feature a recent project involving converted 20′ shipping containers to be used as office, ablution and kitchen facilities on a mine site.

We are adept at handling standard and non-standard storage and shipping requirements, including refrigerated or freezer storage, as well as container conversions for a broad spectrum of mobile home, office and storage requirements. We listen carefully to the client and design our solutions based on their specific needs with a great deal of attention to detail. 

These steel containers are available for sale or hire, at attractive and competitive rates, making it possible for a wider selection of clients to access world-class container conversion solutions on terms that suit them.