Affordable, easy-to-use steel containers for sale or hire

Speedspace offers a wide range of general-purpose ISO dry-freight steel containers, as well as refrigerated steel containers for storage of perishable cargo, in several sizes and designs to suit your application and requirements. 

We have a reputation for our ability to supply and support a comprehensive range of affordable, mobile, easy-to-use robust steel containers which have become indispensable for customers across numerous industries throughout Southern Africa. 

These are used for standard and non-standard storage and shipping requirements, as well as container conversions for a broad range of mobile home, office and storage requirements.

Our selection of converted steel containers can be attractive, comfortable and incredibly functional, as these images illustrate. That is why converted steel containers have become popular among our customer base. 

These steel containers are available for sale or hire at competitive rates. Simply get in touch with us to let us know about your requirements, and we will provide the solution that best fits your needs.