Container Conversions

Container Conversions

Being able to deliver exceptional space management solutions for clients is made even more impressive by the speed with which we can successfully design, produce and deliver those solutions.

A case in point is a project that was completed at the end of June for the World Food Program (WFP) involving the construction of containerised conversion offices at their premises in Lusaka, Zambia.

Our Zambian sister company, Ufudu Zambia, completed the 119sqm office block project from start to finish in less than a month — receiving the order on 4 June and handing over on 29 June.

In addition to how efficiently we were able to produce the final product, we demonstrated a great affinity for thinking out of the box and producing work of the highest quality.

A unique element of this project was the fact that standard 40′ HC containers were used as the structural framework, with sidewalls all removed and then converted to insulated offices with our modular cabin insulated panels.

This type of conversion is proof of our ability to improve upon previous practices and continuously enhance our resources, techniques and methodology for the benefit of our clients.