7m Double-wide Classroom Parkhome Units

At Speedspace, we use the versatility of our products to give our clients exactly what they need throughout the lifecycle of the product, even if that means relocating it as necessary years later or converting it to serve a new purpose. 

These images show one of our 7m double-wide classroom parkhome units which one of our clients bought some years ago. 

The unit was being used as a classroom in Rustenburg, but they urgently needed to relocate it to a new site in Phalaborwa on a mine site. This would obviously not have been possible with most other structures or similar units, but the versatility of our parkhome product gave us the ability to cater to the client’s requirements. 

We dismantled the parkhome unit on the Tuesday and transported it to the site, which the client was able to move into on the Friday morning — a seamless transition made possible by the versatility that is inherent in all Speedspace space management solutions. 

When your needs evolve, we will evolve our products to meet those needs.